Zoom Sessions

We are organizing every Monday at 19:00 GMT a zoom session with people that want to start learning about Bitcoin.

Link for the reccuring zoom session here – you can join directly and select the breaking room “Bitcoin”. Video camera is not required, just a good microphone and a good list of questions regarding how to use Bitcoin.

We are trying to have each week a dedicated subject. Please send us your proposals for discussions in our Telegram group. No matter the level you have, we can adapt and configure the session for your needs.

Here you can watch all the previous session:

Session 1 – basiscs, lntxbot
Session 2 – wallets management
Session 3 – transactions management
Session 4 – Hardware Wallets & nodes
Session 5 – Transactions
Session 6 – The Beginning of Bitcoin
Session 7 – Bitcoin vs Shitcoins
Session 8 – Bitcoin The Daily Routine
Session 9 – Q&A Basics and Bluewallet Recap for new newbies