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Here we have some very good tools to help us navigate the Bitcoin world: network charts, volume of BTC in circulation, tx fees calculation for miners, information about LN etc..

Fee Calculators & Accelerators & stats Blockchain & Nodes Stats Other tools
Mempool & fees – Jochen Blockchain stats & charts Bitcoin Visuals Charts
Bitcoin Fee Calculator Bitcoin Nodes Bitcoin Halvening Clock Stats Bitcoin Rich List Coin Metrics Proof Of Keys Day Fee Calculator BitTaps – Blockchain Stats BitSMS send tx over SMS
BitcoinFees – – Blockchain stats Bitcoin is dead LOL
BTC.comViaBTC.comBitAccelerate BTC Block Reward Clock NoCoiner Excuse
  CheckOnchain – Charts & Stats Bitcoin or Stupid shit?
Price charts & tools TransactionFee – txs stats Bitcoin emoji sign
Bitcoin price chart CryptoWatch   Wallets Recovery Tools
Preev Simple Bitcoin Price Converter Blockchain Explorers IanColeman BIP39 Tool
Bitcoin Stock to Flow – hide words
Never Look Back Price Index OXT Open Steganography – embedd text into pictures
BTC Price Chart History Clark Moody Bitcoin Charts
DCA – Dollar Cost Average Calculator Bitfeed Blocks Graph
NgU – numbers go up daily TX Highway – animated realtime txs Should I Buy Bitcoin Now?
USD – SAT – how much sats/USD   Bitcoin explained visual
Sat – Cent parity? Mining Tools  
Sats / Pers in the world Braiins – Mining profitability Lightning Stats & Tools
BTC to sats Converter Mining Pool stats 1ML – Lightning Network Stats
  Mining Costs Analysis Amboss – Lightning Nodes Eplorer
Taproot Info Links Mining for the streets Lightning Visuals
Taproot is coming – Aaron van Wirdum Home mining for non-KYC BTC LN Submarine Swaps
Taproot Explanation & Status MiningPool Observer LN Exchanges/Swaps
Taproot Watch Clock Mining BTC in an apartment Yalls Network – Nodes Explorer
Taproot ClientTaproot Privacy HeatBit – Home heater that mine Bitcoin Lightning Nodes Graph
Taproot – An upgrade for the ages CBECI – Bitcoin Mining Consumption Index Lightning is awesome list
  How to run a node with satellite  
  Red Dirt Open Source Mining Calculator