The Bitcoin Standard

This page contains a very important book for Bitcoin, written by Saifeadean Ammous, The Bitcoin Standard. This is a must read and have (the hard copy) book.

Here you can listen the audio version and also you can download it in epub and pdf format.

There is also a very good review, chapter by chapter of this book in video format, here, full playlist.

Here is the full audio playlist, chapter by chapter of the book (right click on the link and “save as” to download the audio file):

Chapter 1 – Foreword

Chapter 2 – Prologue

Chapter 3 – Money

Chapter 4 – Primitive Moneys

Chapter 5 – Monetary Metals

Chapter 6 – Government Money

Chapter 7 – Money and Time Preference

Chapter 8 – Capitalism’s Information System

Chapter 9 – Sound Money and Individual Freedom

Chapter 10 – Digital Money

Chapter 11 – What is Bitcoin Good For

Chapter 12 – Bitcoin Questions