Merchant Lists

Here we have lists and pages with directories of online merchants that accept BTC. In some of these lists, if you have an online business and accept BTC, you can register for free and be listed there. Many more bitcoiners will be happy to buy with BTC!

  • CoinMap.orgphysical and / or online stores with BTC, you can add your physical or web store in the list (Android appiOS app)
  • CoinATMradarweb and app to locate BTC ATMs (Android appiOS app)
  • BitRefill.combuy with BTC everything you want, using virtual cards
  • LN Online Storesonline stores that accept BTC / LN, you can add your physical or web store in the list
  • Accepting LNonline stores with BTC / LN, you can add your physical or web store in the list
  • SpendABitBTC merchant and product directory
  • BitcoinWidemap and merchant directory, you can add your business
  • BTCPay Server Merchantsmerchants using BTCPay Server (a separate, proprietary type of server that processes all txs in BTC)
  • Spending Bitcoinlist of merchants of all kinds and from the world
  • Accepted Here BTClist of online stores that accept BTC, you can add your physical or web store in the list
  • Cryptwerkmerchants list by types, you can add your store there
  • List of nodes LN of merchants
  • Agorist MarketP2P online market where you can publish your store / products
  • OpenBazaar P2P market, decentralized (download app here, browse merchants/shops here, download the mobile app here)
  • BitifyPurchase – direct P2P sale of products with BTC
  • Lollimake purchases online and get up to 30% cash back in Bitcoin rewards!
  • Joltfun – buy games with BTC/LN

We highlight some merchants in UK & Spain who accept Bitcoin (there are many more on If you want to add any more outstanding, notify. It is important to help small merchants and build strong communities where Bitcoin is accepted.

List of websites where you can pay with BTC for travel and accommodation:

  • Travalaconnection with reservations from and other accommodations
  • CryptoCribstourist apartments exclusive payment with crypto / BTC
  • SpendBitcoinslist of tourist apartments that accept BTC
  • Bitcoin TravelExclusive travel agency for Bitcoiners
  • AmsterdamStaytourist apartments in Amsterdam, accept BTC
  • VistaSplitHoliday apartments in Split (Croatia), accept BTC
  • Tenerife Locaaccommodation in Tenerife, payment with BTC
  • Lodgis Paris – long stay apartments in Paris, payment with BTC
  • CheapAirflight tickets payment with BTC
  • Sky Toursflight tickets payment with BTC
  • BitRefillprepaid travel cards, payment with BTC
  • Fly Fiestaflight tickets payment with BTC
  • Destiniaflights, apartments, hotels I pay with BTC
  • Future Travel – flights in Asia I pay with BTC
  • The Guest Bookbook hotels and they give you back 5% in BTC