Live of/with BTC

Today, we still have to pay bills in euros. But little by little, things change. With calm and patience WE will change it. Because everything comes from ourselves, from how we make other people realize that BTC can be used and that it helps us to exit the system.

First step: REMOVE THE EUROS FROM THE BANK. Leaving money in a bank account today is an act of madness. at any time they can block it or remove it from there. Also, while you leave it, they USE it, and they don’t give you anything. Give this some thought.

There is a saying: “leave in the bank only the money that you are willing to lose!” Well, taking out the money, you have to keep it somewhere safe. Even though we don’t have much, so much we have is OURS and it’s our savings and work that we’ve done with sweat.

Leave ONLY enough in bank accounts to pay recurring bills and if you can put the money JUST when the due date approaches.

Start teaching about Bitcoin your family, friends, neighbors, local shops and START THE BITCOIN CIRCULAR ECONOMY.

RECEIVE BITCOIN, Get paid in BTC, earn BTC.

  • I recommend the first step: use Bitwage to receive the payroll in BTC. It is the easiest way to start receiving BTC. Then if you manage to convince the company where you work to start using BTC and to pay you in BTC, it will be a big step. I have managed with two companies to start using BTC as a financial reserve and from there they pay me.
  • Another step would be: change jobs. Find a company that is already in Bitcoinlandia, that you can work remotely, from home and that pays you in BTC. In the Library page I put a link to these companies and websites that already pay in BTC. Also list your shop/business that accept BTC in the Bitcoin  merchant lists. Promote your business/shop into Bitcoin community, like that we can create a circular economy of Bitcoin.
    Many would say: “but BTC is too volatile”, “I can’t afford to accept something such volatile”. For all these scared people, I have a simple answer: Read first The Bitcoin Standard book, then think like this. How much income in BTC you could have in the first 3 months, in the first year? 10%? Consider this your private pension fund. Just take them, HODL them, forget them about 5 years. Thank me later. Zoom out people, don’t look at volatility in terms of days/months… Look at the value of Bitcoin during years…
  • If you already have a website, sell products or services, start accepting BTC on the web. Offer discounts of up to 10% to those who pay with BTC. You have to attract Bitcoiners. Keep in mind that you have to give your clients options so that they can clearly see the difference in paying with BTC:
    • payment by bank transfer – normal price + 3%
    • payment with VISA / MasterCard cards – normal price + 5%
    • payment with Bitcoin – normal price – 10% discount
    • cash payment – normal price
  • Put some of your BTC to generate passive income, interest. Do not leave the greed that conquers you, only a part that you can allow.
    • Lend HODL – 5% interest, P2P, escrow
    • LEDN – 5% interest, funds secured with BitGo

PAY WITH BTC – Pay in stores as much as possible with cash and / or BTC. Find stores that accept it, there are many, and some do not advertise it yet, because they are afraid. But if you ask everyone … “do you accept BTC” little by little they will raise awareness and start. Don’t be insistent if they don’t know it yet, leave them. If they accept it well, if not, nothing happens, they’ll see later. You don’t waste time explaining it to them: just to say, it’s time to think about accepting BTC. Nothing more. Later they will come to you to explain how to do it…

Online you can buy almost anything with BTC. Compare a lot online. By helping stores that accept BTC you do a great job keeping this going. These small or large merchants are the engine that sustains Bitcoin, we must support them because that is how we support ourselves.

Now, case studies.

  • You have to charge your mobile (it is better to prepay, stop using shitty contracts), control your expenses to the maximum! Well, easy: or the mobile app, select the operator, the amount you want to load, pay with BTC / LN and that’s it. you already have your mobile charged.
  • You have to buy something on Amazon. I know, we all do not want that, but sometimes, let’s say you don’t have another option. Easy, you enter select Amazon card, load it with 100-200 or whatever amount you want, pay with BTC / LN. Then you enter Amazon, and in your account, put the Amazon card payment that you just loaded in Bitrefill. Put the card code and voila, you buy what you want! At Bitrefill there are almost a hundred online stores that you can load with BTC. It’s a great way to shop.
  • Do you have to pay bills? Search in the lists the merchants who have already published their acceptance of BTC. If you still have a website that you don’t know if they accept it or not, then send them an email asking if they are willing to accept BTC. If they don’t want to, ask if you can pay the bill by bank transfer. There are online services that pay you SEPA bills and you pay them in BTC. On the Library page I put a list with these BTC bill payment services.
  • You have to go to a restaurant to eat. First, go to the restaurants that you already know accept, now more and more begin to accept, look at You ask before if they accept BTC. If they say YES, great. If they say NO, nothing happens, we already have 2 solutions:
    • A friend who wants to get BTC – she pays with her euros, you pay her the cost in BTC.
    • There are VISA debit cards, which can be loaded with BTC. Personally I do NOT recommend them, because they go against the “BTC laws”: stop using fiat currency. Using BTC through VISA, we do nothing more, but return to the same system. But hey, in cases of situations that there is NO other way, we pay with these. What is good in this case is that you keep your savings in BTC (not in the bank) but when paying, you convert them into euros instantly, at the time of payment without having to go to an exchange and everything. Examples of these cards that you can register online and send it to your home: Revolut, Trastra, Bitwala, Crypto and some more.