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Webs that you can earn satoshisWebsites that you can pay bills with BTCWebs / apps / loans / virtual cards
I DO NOT recommend these cards, use them as a last resort!
Work and earn BTCBylls - Pay bills in CanadaBitrefill - buy virtual cards with BTC and earn sats
Bitcart Amazon -Same as Bitrefill - earn satoshisPiixPay - Pay bills EU/SEPAFold app - buy virtual cards with BTC and earn sats
How can I earn BTC?BitcoinWell - pay bills CanadaSPENDL - debit card VISA
Carrot - Earning sats in exchange for - Pay bills and wages in AsiaRevolut - card VISA, IBAN, pay bills
StackingSats - Hashtag TwitterLivingRoom of Satoshi - pay bills in AustraliaCrypto - card VISA, IBAN, pay bills
BTC4Photos - sell / buy professional photos with BTCCoinsFer - pay bills USABitwala - pay bills and card VISA, IBAN
File Army - share photos and earn BTCCoinBills - pay bills USATrastra - pay bills, card VISA, IBAN
Paywall - make your website charge in BTCBity - pay bills InternationalLastBit - pay bills, card VISA, IBAN - create links with payments in BTC-LNBinance - pay bills, card VISA
PodcastIndex - Be paid with sats on your podcastLending/Borrow Services
CryptoPay - pay bills, card VISA
Satoshi Stream - Be paid with sats on your podcastLEDN - loans / interest in BTCSpectroCoin - pay bills, card VISA
PodcasterWallet - Companion for PodcastIndexLend HODL - loans / interest in BTCCrypterium - pay bills, card VISA
Sphinx Chat - Companion for PodcastIndexUnchained Capital - lending/borrowing with BTCStrike - pay bills, card VISA, IBAN, LN wallet
Oshi - Buy local and earn satsBlockFi - lending/borrowing, VISA card
Proof of Existence - Notary on the BTC blockchainCelsius Network - lending/borrowing with BTC
SOVRYN - lending/borrowing with BTC