How To Get Started

We are going to organize this as a “checklist”, steps to continue learning, little by little and to reach the status of “bitcoiner”.

For a newbie, what I recommend, are these steps:

  1. Read a lot about BTC, to understand what really is. There’s a lot of misunderstanding out there.
  2. Watch this amazing playlist of documentaries, that explain and make you to understand the terms and be comfortable with the world of Bitcoin.
  3. Learn how to use it. Open a wallet, make some transactions (txs) to see how it work, small amounts, baby steps.
  4. Start buying from ATMs, vouchers, in small amounts, just to understand the process.
  5. Start securing your wallets/BTC
  6. Move to exchanges, buy from there, KYC or non-KYC doesn’t matter, is about to know the process. Later you can use a coinjoin mixing wallet.
  7. Start using different types of wallets
  8. Start having your own nodes (BTC and LN)
  9. Start earning BTC with your business
  10. Move slowly away from fiat money, do not depend too much of it
  11. Be sovereign!

First phase: Learning

0. Bitcoin WhitePaper – where all begins

1. Basic facts you need to know

2. Bitcoin Commandments

3. Bitcoin as Medium of Exchange

4. Questions & Answers from users

5. Read the myths about Bitcoin

6. Why Bitcoin?

7. Know the history of Bitcoin

8. Watch Bitcoin documentaries

9. Learn about Lightning Network

9.a Beginner’s Guide to BTC LN


Second phase: Test

1.Choose a wallet

2.Learn to use LNtxBot on Telegram

3. Secure your BTC wallet

4. Protect well your wallets and your BTC

5. Use several wallets

6. Obtain BTC:

a. from a BTC ATM

b. using vouchers BTC

c. from a BTC exchange (KYC / non-KYC)

 Third phase: Control

1. Know how to use the tools

2. Know how to do Coin Control

3. Use CoinJoin for more privacy of your BTC

4. Have your own BTC and LN nodes

5. Obtain BTC:

a. selling products for BTC on your website

b. work with companies that pay in BTC

c. using Bitwage (convert your payroll into BTC)

6. Live with / from BTC

7. Create Bitcoin communities, help others, be part of the “Bitcoin Circular Economy

8. Understand how “trading” works and know how to read the price charts. Be careful … just know but NOT do it. We do not recommend anyone to enter trading. It’s like the vice of gambling.


Here you have a list of main guide pages (that also you can find them into webpage menu):

General guide wallets BTCUsing ATM BTCComo proteger tus BTC
Refill a LN walletUsing Exchanges BTCHacer Coin Control
How to use 1 wallet in 2 appsUsing BTC vouchersGuias Mixing - Coinjoin
Wallet Bisq - Electrum - LNUsing BTC in your webGuia HODL con monedero hardware
Create an offline walletGuide for merchants
Bitwage guide (be paid in BTC)
General list of nodes BTC/LNLightning Network (LN)Guide LNtxBot
Umbrel node guideMempool - FeesGuide living with BTC
Umbrel + LNDHub + Bluewallet guide