Hide Bitcoin inside NFT (aka dumb jpeg)

How to use LNTXBOT and steganography to embed bitcoins in a picture

We are bombarded lately with these IDIOTIC NFTs. So I decided to make a simple guide that will show to these shitcoiners how dumb is to use/buy a NFT and how Bitcoin can do it even better: PUT REAL VALUE, REAL MONEY, INSIDE THOSE JPEGS.

@Fiatjaf (creator of @LNtxbot) recently announced about this incredible feature of the bot on LNtxbot Twitter account.

Comment from Cow Master on Telegram

Use your brains, the imagination have no limits when is about to use Bitcoin and Lightning Network !

So the test is the following:

  • how to embed 12 words into a image jpeg, those words are the seed for a 1 BTC wallet. Yes will contain 1 fucking Bitcoin! Take it if you want/can.
  • “sell” that jpeg for few sats, using @lntxbot command /hide (it will be nice if in the future we will have a command /auction so users can bid for a hidden message)

Step 1 – embed 12 words seed into a image jpeg

For this we can use any steganography procedure/software. For this test, I used OpenStego (open source software for embedding text into images), is simple to use.

This image contains 1 BTC (12 words embedded) using steganography

Here you have a series of video tutorials about how to use OpenStego.

There was NOBODY until now that could “crack” a steganography. Anyway, I will give you a hint: I used steganography together with PublicNote (another open source program) that can hide words inside other words. So in case you try to open that image with OpenStego, the password is hidden into another text.

I will give you even more hints: and that text can be retrieved from one of my Bitcoin guides, is there in plain sight, you just have to find which is the phrase that open the password for the OpenStego file. Good luck find it :)!

Step 2 – “sell” the image using @lntxbot

Now, using Telegram + @LNtxbot you can share this image into a hidden message through many Telegram groups and even private messages. Here you have a more extensive guide about how to use that /hide function, but is simple:

  • Go to the chat with @lntxbot and send the picture
  • reply to the same picture with the command /hide 100 Buy this stupid NFT (aka dumb jpeg) that contain 1 BTC for only 100 sats –private
  • share the hidden message in any group or chat you want, there’s no limit.
  • each user that will click will pay 100 sats (or the amount you want) using his own @LNtxbot wallet in Telegram. So you will “sell” and “re-sell” this NFT multiple times 🙂 showing to shitcoiners how dumb is to sell jpegs multiple times.
  • Users, even will have the hard “proof” written on the Blockchain that they “bought” that NFT, in their tx logs with @lntxbot will have the txid for buying that dumb NFT.