Guide LNtxBot

LNtxBot is a wonderful tool if you are using Telegram. It is a bot that makes it easy to send BTC / satoshis through Telegram chats. It is widely used to give tips (tips) to other members of a chat group or directly to another Telegram user. From here you can do even more interesting things, all within Telegram and some functionalities also outside of Telegram.

If you want to skip the text, you can watch a short video tutorial of how to setup your Telegram account with LNtxBot here.

LNtxBot offers a specific LN wallet for your Telegram account. It is a wallet guarded by the creator @Fiatjaf (here is the Twitter for lntxbot). But at any time you can withdraw your sats (satoshis) from there in any other LN wallet and even onchain. You can also connect this wallet-bot with your Bluewallet mobile app and thus have more control, outside of Telegram whenever you want.

REMINDER: Keep in mind that this is a custodial wallet, that means yo do not have full 100% control of your funds in this wallet. The bot server is a single point of failure: can be seized, shut down, destroyed. So keep in mind that and do not use it as it should be your own wallet. We use this bot wallet, to get familiarized with sats, LN, invoices, QR codes, tips and fun. So users don’t have to buy some BTC before testing their wallets.

Ok let’s start step by step, as a new user.

1. Verify in your Telegram user profile that you have set / configured a name, as if it were an email (here an example). Video tutorial here. It starts with @ and you can put any fictitious name there. It is a way to hide / protect your mobile number in groups of public chats. I have seen many people who leave their public mobile numbers and advertise with this number shortly after using a @nick. It is good that this nickname is not related to your real name, and also the name above that appears public. Another important thing: do not let everyone see your mobile number, also if you are in public groups. In Telegram options you enter security and adjust as little as possible. An example here.

Your privacy is very important, even if you want to give it to others, think long term. The Internet is a sea full of sharks … It costs nothing to protect you, but it costs a lot if your identity has been used later in other matters that you did not think about at the beginning.

NOTICE! If you start using the LNtxBot it is recommended that you do not change this name, because the LNtxBot wallet is linked to this name.

As soon as you have it configured, a link like this will be created containing your @name: This link contains a QR code and an LNURL that is like a blank LN invoice, always ready to receive sats. You can easily post this QR or even the link on your web pages, social media profiles, print it on paper, whatever, where people can send you tips. They simply scan this QR for you and they can send you tips, directly to your wallet-bot in Telegram (which you can also see in your Bluewallet app).

2. Connect the wallet-bot with its Bluewallet app on your mobile. Once you have done point 1. you enter the LNtxBot chat in your Telegram @lntxbot / (if you can’t find it, you simply search for lntxbot). In this chat you write /bluewallet and you will get a QR code and a link.

Copy this link. You open the Bluewallet mobile app, and from the top of the “+” you add another wallet, but you do not select one of the 2 types that appear there (blue and yellow). Below you have the “Import” button, you click it there and you get a box to paste the link that you have copied from the LNtxBot.

Once the new wallet-bot is connected / imported, you can give it a name, for example LNtxBot and thus identify it easier. From this moment you can already operate with this wallet-bot from both, the Bluewallet and Telegram and also receive alerts when you receive a tip.

3. Learn to handle bot commands. From the @LNtxBot chat you write /help and he will get a complete list of commands that can be used with this bot. Be within a group or communicate with the bot. Here is a page that explains in more detail each command it does, if you want to manage the bot in advanced mode.

Also if you write /tutorial in the @LNtxBot chat then you will get other wonders that can be done with this bot.

But the most basic ones to start with are these:

  • /tip – a way to tip a member of a TG group. You write this in a chat group, which has as a member the bot @LntxBot: /tip@lntxbot 10 @userX – it means you send 10sats to userX (username in TG). You can also reply to a message from userX and then just put /tip@lntxbot 10
    • /tip 🍿 @UserName – send 27 sats to indicated user
    • /tip 🍌 @UserName – send 777 sats to indicated user
    • /tip 🍉 @UserName – send 1444 sats to indicated user
    • /tip 2*🍌 @UserName – send 2 x 777 sats to indicated user
  • If the @LNtxBot is not added to the group (it would be better to add it) then if you want to give some satoshis to this group, simply in the group chat you write @lntxbot giveaway 10. Whoever first clicks on “claim” receives this gift .
  • Other ways to give to somebody some sats (use this command in the chat room with the bot):
    • /send 🍿 @UserName – send 27 sats to indicated user
    • /send 🍌 @UserName – send 777 sats to indicated user
    • /send 🍉 @UserName – send 1444 sats to indicated user
    • /send 2*🍌 @UserName – send 2 x 777 sats to indicated user
  • To fund your wallet in Telegram (@LNtxBot), simply scan your donation page with a LN wallet that supports LNURL (Bluewallet, BLW, Eclair) and send whatever amount you want. Or simply create an invoice usong the bot command /receive_1000_for something and then you scan that invoice with another wallet
  • /balance – you write this command only in the chat of the @LNtxBot bot and it indicates the balance of your wallet-bot.
  • /sats4ads_on_15 – (the number is the amount of millisats you want to receive / character) you write this command only in the bot’s chat and they will activate ads (advertisements / small messages with a promotional link), every day, which they pay you to see them. You do not need to open the ad, you simply give it “viewed” and it enters the sats. If you are interested in the content of the ad you can click to see them. At the moment there are not so many spams and nonsense, usually they are companies or programmers who promote their new apps to test or websites. Remember they pay for this!
    If you want to see more options with the ads, you simply write in the chat bot /sats4ads and you get a help list. For example /sats4ads rates makes you a list of how many users charge for each amount of sats / ads
  • /sats4ads – If you want to create an advertisement and promotion, there are two steps:
    • in the chat with the bot, you send the text of the promotion, as if it were a normal message
    • then to the message that you have already sent to the bot, you give it a reply with the following command: /sats4ads broadcast 1000 where (1000 is the amount of sats you want to spend on this promotion). Remember that the cost depends on how many users you want to receive this promotion. The cost of the promotion is paid per letter with msats (millisats) /character. Do your calculations before sending the promotion.
  • /fundraise <satoshis> <num_participantes> <receptor>  (the parentheses are replaced with the content)
    Start a crowdfunding event with a predefined number of participants and a contribution amount. If the given number of participants contributes, it will be updated. Otherwise it will be canceled in a few hours. Example: /fundraise@lntxbot 10000 8 @user – Telegram @user will get 80,000 satoshis after 8 people contribute.
  • /hide – is a very good way to send messages not visible, and only when the mentioned amount is paid, the message is revealed privately to the user who has paid. Example:
    – it is written / configured first in the chat with the bot: /hide 20 ‘Message title’ ~ ‘Hidden message’
    – The link to share in another chat group appears in the chat, you can copy it or simply click on share and select the target chat
    – If someone clicks “View”, they have to pay with their wallet-bot for the mentioned satoshis and they can see the hidden message
  • Lightning Gifts is the best way to send satoshis as gifts to people. A simple service, a simple URL, no vendor restrictions and no fees. By generating your gifts on @lntxbot, you can keep track of which ones were redeemed and which ones were not. The command is executed in the chat with the bot.
    /gifts lists the gifts you have created.
    /gifts_1000 creates a gift voucher of 1000 satoshis, which the person can then receive in their LN wallet simply by scanning the QR.
  • is a paywall generator. It allows you to sell digital products (files, articles, music, videos, any form of content that can be published on the open web) simply by wrapping their URLs in a paywall. By generating your paywalls in @lntxbot, you can keep track of all of them without leaving Telegram and get information on how many of each you have sold.
    /paywall will list all your paywalls.
    /paywall 230 ‘access my secret content’ will create a paywall for secret content priced at 230 satoshis.
    /paywall_balance will display your balance and ask if you want to withdraw it.
    /paywall_withdraw will simply withdraw your entire balance to your @lntxbot balance.
  • /coinflip – lottery with “flip the coin”, the command would be: /coinflip 100 4 – (100 satoshis and 4 participants). Who gives “Join lottery”, participates with 100 sats and can win 400 sats.
  • /giveflip – lottery as before, but in this case the initiator cannot participate and it is only the one who gives the prize. The example command would be (can be put in the group): /giveflip 100 4 (100 satoshis and 4 participants)
  • /moon – a wonderful command that doesn’t cost anything, it just receive from LNTXBOT a nice picture with Bitcoin and the Moon. Each time you type the commend, it will send a new nice picture.
  • /toggle – a very powerful feature, that can block specific words in a chat group. Usage example, if you want to block the words of some shitcoins, use /toggle expensive 10 ‘\bNFT\b|\bbch\b|\bbsv\b|\bpi\b|\beth\b\bcardano\b’. The user will be charged 10 sats/message that contains those words, or if his balance of lntxbot is empty, the message will be rejected. It’s a nice way to keep away spammers.
    Another way to use /toggle is to charge an entrance fee into a group. Usage, /toggle_ticket_100 will charge 100 sats for new members. Anybody can pay that invoice if the new member doesn’t have sats. But for sure will keep away shitcoiners, they will never use LN, is against their “religion”.

Later I will explain more commands … If you are interested here you have them explained:

More new commands and hints on their Twitter page.