Guide BTC vouchers

1. Tickets voucher like those of Tikebit, a Spanish company, but that use another BTC sales system. On their website you can find a distributor, who have physical stores of several businesses (usually tobacco) and where they also sell BTC, in person. They practically have a user account in, as a seller, they make you a voucher with the value you want and then you change it on their Bit2Me website, whenever you want, for BTC.

In Bit2Me you have to create a KYC verified account, where you exchange Tikebit vouchers, you can also buy with SEPA and / or bank cards. They also have an IBAN account option, pay bills, VISA cards linked to this BTC wallet. But it is advisable not to have all your BTC there. It is just one more option.

This type of “business” is good for small stores that want to add more income to their normal sales. You can register in the dealer network and start selling BTC to your own clients. Then to the same customers you can say: “now that you have BTC you can come and buy my products with BTC”. So you help each other. They save and you receive more BTC. I have seen all kinds of stores there as distributors: bakeries, gifts, trinkets, newspapers, butchers (!!) etc. Small business.

Here we are talking about another way to get BTC. The vouchers, those papers where they put as a voucher, a gift voucher with an x ​​value in euros.

Another voucher companies, you can use Azteco (supports LN) and Fastbitcoins vouchers. Also for US there’s CoinCards

2. Gift cards such as Bitnovo‘s, which you can find in Carrefour, gift card section. They are of different fixed values ​​50-100-200 €. This means that you buy a voucher of this value in € and you can change it whenever you want (I think they are valid for 12 months) on their website The same vouchers can be obtained in the Bitnovo ATM network and it works the same as Carrefour’s.

ATTENTION: Bitnovo is a company from Spain but they have a very slow and very expensive BTC / crypto sale system. The commissions are high. To try or give someone some BTC, it is worth it, but not for recurring purchases.

It’s an easy process:

  1. You buy the card, and at the cashier when you pay for it, you get a code generated automatically at the time of purchase on your purchase receipt. This code is your voucher, this code is redeemed on the Bitnovo page. The card is just a keepsake paper 🙂
  2. You enter the Bitnovo page, redeem section, and enter the code and your BTC wallet address.
  3. You give it a redemption and you have to wait 30 minutes or more. Bitnovo’s are very slow to make transfers. While you are waiting for the tx, you can check if it has been done and the confirmations of the Bitcoin network in this blockchain query page: you simply paste your BTC address there and see the details. If it is in process (min. 6 confirmations to be 100% valid) then don’t worry that the BTC will enter you. But if you see that in more than 30min – 1h it does not appear there, then you have to claim them from Bitnovo, something has happened with the transfer by Bitnovo.

3. Vouchers in tobacco shops in Austria with Bitcoinbon. There is also the same in France. Bitins is also another company that has BTC outlets at gas stations, especially in Central Europe. Bitins also have SMS purchase

4. Convert your cash coins into bitcoins. Only in USA through Coinstar kiosk:

5. Full list of places where to buy BTC with cash, in person