Guide BTC nodes

What is a “full node”? – Here you have the answer.

Why is it necessary to have a “full node”? – Here you have the answer.

Main reasons why you should run a BTC node

Myths about running a full node.

Tor Only – Bitcoin and Lightning nodes – by Jameson Lopp

A great guide about node boxes made by Ministry of Nodes, here.

We present a series of tools and guides on how and with what you can have your own Bitcoin node.

Bitcoin /LN nodes on your own mobile, using Neutrino sync:

  • Blixt – full Neutrino node, LSP (Liquidity Service Provider), Tor built-in, channels management, LN Address, keysend
  • Nayuta Core – full Neutrino node, simple channels management, no Tor, works with Zap / Zeus wallet

Also BEFORE starting with you own node, you should know more about (LN) Lightning Network node management: