Guide BTC nodes

What is a “full node”? – Here you have the answer.

Why is it necessary to have a “full node”? – Here you have the answer.

Myths about running a full node.

A great guide about node boxes made by Ministry of Nodes, here.

We present a series of tools and guides on how and with what you can have your own Bitcoin node.

  • Umbrel – a very simple way to build your own BTC / LN node, no advanced technical knowledge required.
  • NODL – Plug’n’Play BTC node
    • here a series of videos about NODL
  • myNodeBTC – a complete machine with many functionalities, you can buy the machine already installed or you can download the software and build it yourself with your own hardware.
  • Lightning In a Box – various types of devices for BTC nodes, Plug’n’Play
  • Embassy – small node but powerful node
  • Dojo – a machine designed to be used with your Samourai wallets and as a full node
  • Casa – build your own Casa Node
  • BitcoinPOS – Plug&Play small machines ready to use in shops
  • Node Launcher – simple node on your ordinary PC
  • Bitcoin Core – the original software, the Bitcoin base, full node, for various OS platforms
  • Bitcoin node y LN node using Windows system

Also BEFORE starting with you own node, you should know more about (LN) Lightning Network node management: