Guide BitWage

Here we will explain how we can be paid in BTC, without changing our job or form of payment on the part of the company. Simply by using the service, a BTC payroll conversion service. With this you no longer have to worry about “buying” or exchanging EUR for BTC, from ATMs or exchanges.

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The idea of ​​using Bitwage is simple: if your company where you work does not yet have BTC to pay your payroll, you create an account at Bitwage as an employee / freelancer and Bitwage assigns you a bank account with IBAN, on behalf of Bitwage (not the yours), but with a special code for you (the payer has to put it in the payment description). This is a perfect bank account valid to receive payments from anywhere in the world. Bitwage charges 1% of the value of the transfers that you receive in this account.

Once you receive it, you can select how you want to convert them:

  • all in BTC, in a BTC address of yours, personal, of a wallet of yours that you control
  • partially in BTC and EUR, you can put a% of each, and then you receive a part in your BTC wallet and another part in your normal bank account.
  • there is a savings account option in BTC
  • I think they have also already introduced a debit card option connected to this account

Steps to configure your Bitwage account:

  • Create an account as a “worker” / freelancer at
  • Edit the user profile at:, fill in the personal data, and then select “Direct Deposit” below. Save the changes.
  • Verify at that “Direct Deposit” is mentioned. there he also mentions how identity verification is done. On the same page, click above where it says “Distributions” and it takes you to configure the distribution of your income. As we have said before it can be put in% of BTC and EUR.
  • In “Distributions” you configure your BTC address where you want to receive the income and the desired% (a wallet of yours). Also right there you can put a normal bank account, yours, if you want to receive parts in EUR.
  • Enter the “Contracts” section (see the links / tabs above). There you put the details of the company that is going to pay you. You can put anything if you don’t want to give the real data. This is just a reference, it is not verified by Bitwage.
  • Enter your profile – “Deposits & Payrolls” and there you can configure if you want to receive as “Direct Deposit” / freelancer or “Payroll” / recurring payroll. Direct deposit can also be used as payroll. At the moment that it is already configured, it gives you the option of downloading a pdf with a document with the details of the account that you have to inform / give to the company, to enter the EUR in this account. It is very important that you specify to the company that you put in the description of the payment, as specified in the pdf.