Digital Privacy

Bitcoin does not bring with it only financial sovereignty or some more wealth, but a very important thing today: PRIVACY, and especially digital privacy. Here are some points that you have to reflect on yourself, how to apply them and which ones to apply. The more points you apply, the better. I know that for some this seems like a lot or talking about aliens, but at least make an effort and raise awareness, even if you don’t know / can do the whole list. Every point counts, it is a part of the gear.

You never say in public how many BTC you have and where you have them
You never reveal the keys / seeds of your wallets. To nobody
Use your own node to validate your transactions and keep the Bitcoin network decentralized
Do not let others knowing that because of your BTC, you now live rich. Pretend the poor. Live a normal life
Use Linux. To the maximum that you can
Avoid Google. At all costs. There are alternatives: DuckDuckGo, StartPage
Avoid Google Maps, learn to use offline or paper maps
Use disposable phones
If you use smartphones and have a Google account set up, disable at least ALL tracking and / or unnecessary services
Use ad blockers (adBlock)
Use a VPN / Tor as needed
Consider what you say before you say it
Don’t click on random DM links
Don’t answer random phone calls
Communicate on the appropriate channels (Telegram, Signal)
Do not use social networks with your real name, And if you can reduce the use, the better.
Don’t have an always-on microphone in your home
Use cash / Bitcoin whenever possible
Do not upload private photos on public pages
Set strong passwords
Use password managers
Change your home WiFi key often
Change your online / computer account passwords more often
Use 2FA (not SMS)
Cover / remove the webcam
Lock / remove microphone
Don’t use public wifi
Don’t share personal information
Use burner email addresses
Use Firefox / Tor / EpicBrowser / Other non-crawling browsers
Adjust settings to reduce data leakage
Automatically clear history and cookies
If it’s old and well tested (PGP) use it
If it’s new and popular, be careful
Clean and reinstall the operating system regularly
Put your phone in a drawer (Off doesn’t mean off)
Destroy all “smart home devices”
Don’t connect USB randomly
Physically destroy the HDD before disposing of it
Do not use SMS or phone when possible (you can call by Telegram)
Suppose everything is registered
Don’t install random software
Don’t install random dependencies
Check signing keys before importing
Verify signatures before installing
Run unknown software on a virtual machine
Run critical software on an isolated machine
Don’t break the law (this gets attention)
Be skeptical
Learn to code / program
Make backup copies
Verify backups
Ask questions. Always
Never trust what the government says. They always lie. Everybody

Additional, how to have a mobile phone device, totally out of Google spy or Apple dictatorship:

Librem 5 Pusism – full security mobile

Get a Pixel 4 smartphone and install one of these clean Android OS (no bullshit Google Play)

GrapheneOS –
Guide to install –

CalyxOS –
Guide to install –

If you do not have a Pixel phone, another model/brand, you can use LineageOS without Google apps. For installing apps use F-Droid or download the apks separate.