Coinbase – NO!

At the moment I am only going to make a list here of all the “elements” against the use of Coinbase. With time I will translate and explain a little each one case by case.

The best help I can give you is a friendly warning:

WARNING – To all Coinbase users, please do not come back here to complain about Coinbase. They were warned many times not to use Coinbase, but they ignored it. We are not here to clean the shit out of Coinbase.

Coinbase is using its own chain, as a fractional reserve. They never make proof of funds available.

They work exactly like a bank: they take 10 USD from depositors and give 100 USD (fictitious) to others, within their wallet system. When this lie explodes it will be really bad … really bad.

Coinbase is a bank, created and financed by BBVA bankers and will always act like a bank (also known as fucking users). Its aim is NOT to help people use Bitcoin, but to register, track, monitor, seize, “share” their personal data with “third parties”, etc. It is a bankers tool to keep almost all BTC users in control.

Here are some reasons to think (there are many more):

Do you want more? Here’s a long list and here’s another list of user cases screwed up by Coinbase. If you really ignore these warnings, you deserve to be REKT…

Later, after many people became outraged about Coinbase and its practices, the hashtag #DeleteCoinbase was even created.

Here si also a great video by BTC Sessions explaining why you should DeleteCoinbase.