BTC Memes

A bit of bitcoin humor with the best memes of the networks, about Bitcoin. Each has earned its moment in the history of Bitcoin, from 2009 to today. Here is an article dedicated to Bitcoin memes.

BTC HODLERS vs FIAT The Great Bitcoin Crash 2018
BTC Rap Battle Debate Trading Bitcoin 2018
BTC End of The World 2020 Crypto Dune Parody
Don’t Buy Bitcoin 🙂 Mr Robot Serie – Bitcoin
The Banker Bitcoin Obituaries P-1(2009-2016)  y P-2(2016-2018)
The Epic Bitcoin Dump & Pump 2020 Crypto The Bollywood Movie
Take The Orange Pill Homo Bitcoinus
Aaaand… it’s gone Matrix Bitcoin
Failure to stack sats is not an option!