Bitcoin Commandments


The Bitcoin Commandments are “laws” that are not written as a “constitution” but are laws accumulated over time, which we, the OG bitcoiners respect and apply among ourselves with respect.

Consider these “commandments” not as someone “commands” you to do something, but rather that these are practically YOUR FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS OF HOW TO USE THE BITCOIN.

  • WITHOUT PERMISSION. You can open a BTC account anytime, anywhere, yourself, without anyone’s permission. Bitcoin can be used without the permission of another person or financial or governmental entity. EVERYONE can use it without asking anyone’s permission. And nobody can forbid you to use it. It is as if you are putting a law: from tomorrow no birds can fly on the beach. And the birds fly when they feel like it and they shit on your face. That’s how easy I tell you. For this reason, when you hear some “news” that such a government wants to give a law that prohibits the use and / or possession of BTC, it only makes you laugh at the ridiculous situation.
  • YOU ARE YOUR OWN BANK. You can open as many accounts as you want, almost infinite, without restriction or control from another entity. You make your own accounts, you manage them, you control them and you decide to whom and from whom you receive money. You can have as many accounts as you want, there is no limit. A wallet can have thousands and thousands of accounts (BTC addresses), each time when you use your wallet to receive BTC, it generates a new address. Old addresses can be reused, but it is NOT recommended for your own anonymity. To spend you can use one or more BTC addresses with credit. It is advisable to empty these accounts completely when you make a transaction (tx). Here are more things to explain about LN (Lightning Network) that really is your Bank and you can earn commissions from routing txs, having a NODE. You can control your money however you want. Rates, transfers, schedules, without restriction of any kind.
  • Bitcoin IS OPEN SOURCE. It means that the code of which everything that is behind Bitcoin is composed can be verified, edited, improved by anyone who has these capabilities. There is a group of developers / programmers who debate and participate in common with this code and anyone else can verify the work for you. So there is no margin for fraud or malicious code.
  • ALWAYS AVAILABLE. You can pay what you want, without any restrictions, 24/7/365
  • NOT YOUR KEYS = NOT YOUR BITCOINS. Secure your money, without restrictions. You don’t need a third party to take care of your money. This means, if you do not control 100% your own keys of your BTC wallet, then these BTC ARE NOT YOURS! Rather, if you let someone else manage, save, act on your behalf with your BTC keys, this service IS NOT TRUSTED. It is as if we are going back to use banks, this time with your BTC.
  • UNCENSORED. You can monitor your own transactions without anyone else’s supervision, if you respect the rules of the Bitcoin network. You never have to worry about someone else blocking your money for x reasons. You never have to worry about your government judging you for why you have money in another country. You have your money all over the world.
  • UNCONFISCATABLE. Nobody in the world can confiscate, seize, close access to your BTC without your consent/permission/give access.
  • PROPERTY IS YOUR VOICE. Your money speaks for you, your money is now property, not just a promissory note, your money can also be a political voice. Bitcoin is the perfect way to protect your property, your money is secured in the blockchain and only YOU are the only one who is the OWNER of the keys and can move them. This gives you a lot of power when it comes to speaking and making your voice heard.
  • 21 MILLION. There will be in circulation, forever, ONLY 21 Million BTC. This is not debated, it is not changed, it is not discussed. To date, more than 18 million have been put into circulation (mined). Until year 2140 the remaining 3 million will be mined. Do your calculations as it will turn out.


  • 1 BTC = 100,000,000 satoshis
  • Bitcoin is NOT an investment platform, they are NOT shares or parts of a multinational company, or getting rich, Bitcoin IS MONEY, the people’s money, sovereign money.
  • Yes, it is true, BTC can be used as a financial instrument for speculation, but you should NEVER be fooled by schemes that at first seem like paradise. If you do not know how to play this speculation game well and also if you DO NOT know how to control your own greed, then you are on the road to perdition.
  • Bitcoin is pure mathematics, it is created by doing a mathematical encryption calculation, which requires a great calculation effort, which can only be done with special machines at this time. To see a comparison of what computing power would be required to attack the Bitcoin network, here is a representation.
  • Whoever says that Bitcoin is controlled by someone in particular, they just want to deceive them or divert their attention, so as not to know the truth, or they are simply a liar or they have NO FUCKING IDEA what they are talking about. Bitcoin is controlled by each user: your wallet, your node, your mining machines, the developers. If there is NO consensus among these all at once, the decision cannot be controlled.
  • A very important aspect: Bitcoin IS OFFENSIVE! Listen to this awesome message!
  • There are some who say that Bitcoin was created by the CIA. To these we give the clear answer here: NO
    That was not in their mission and it does not serve any CIA or NSA purpose. Creating such a product would not be legal for the CIA or NSA due to US law regulating what they can and cannot do. Products that are developed by the CIA and NSA, e.g. software, electronic communications, computers, surveillance systems and devices, etc., are for the CIA, NSA and are sometimes shared with other government intelligence agencies. Bitcoin was developed by an underground group using the pseudonym “Satoshi Nakamoto”, not a real person. It is unclear if the developer was an individual, a group of software developers or others, but the CIA and NSA had nothing to do with it.
    It is true, that just before Satoshi Nakamoto “disappeared” from the online world (2011), the CIA invited one of the developers of the Bitcoin group, Gavin Andresen, to “ask” him about Bitcoin. But it is not known what has been discussed and then later Gavin was expelled from the group of developers of the Bitcoin code. So there is NO proof that the CIA is involved in this matter.
    Most likely, the supposed Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, has been Hal Finney, who is already dead and has taken the “deep secrets” with him, so that the CIA cannot control him.
  • Whoever says that Bitcoin has no value is wrong or is an idiot. Here is a perfect explanation about the value of Bitcoin, an article written by Jeffrey Tucker: “What Gave Bitcoin Its Value?”
  • Who says that “Bitcoin is not backed by anything”, here is the answer.
  • Fiat Money – The biggest Pyramid Scheme in the whole human history

Here is a table of comparison between the types of money, so you can see where the Bitcoin is positioned: