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First of all, sorry for the crappy web design, but the goal of this web is not to be fancy, I prefer to dedicate my time teaching others about Bitcoin, then spending time on making this web fancy. And you better view it on desktop browsers, on mobiles looks really crappy, I know. This is a simple page, without useless ornaments, without advertising, without deception, only pure, proven information, so that the people will learn about Bitcoin and have a reference, if they do not remember how to use it.

Nothing is sold here, we are not talking about “trading” or “investments”, or “profits”, these are Chinese tales of scammers who just want to take advantage of people’s ignorance and get them into things that neither they understand well. Here we will show you what Bitcoin REALLY is, how we use it and most importantly: why we use it.

What is Bitcoin? – Bitcoin is a new form of money P2P, decentralized, that nobody controls and it is developed as an open collaborative project. Below you will find enough selected educational resources and information on the matter that you could spend months perusing them all. Make sure you have a decent understanding of the system before storing a significant amount of value in it! The same aspects that make it so valuable also make it unforgiving to those who make mistakes. Bitcoin is a sovereign currency in all its aspects.

Satoshi Nakamoto – Bitcoin Whitepapers – one of the most important inventions of humanity – READ THIS!

Bitcoin is ENERGY stored in the most secured and brilliant way.

What people do every day, every minute? People are always in a continuous run for gathering energy, in many different forms: to eat, to store, to trade, to use it as money, to use it as savings. People depend 100% of energy. People are spending also large amounts of resources just for STORING energy.

And then Bitcoin comes and fix all of these problems: Bitcoin is pure storage for energy, secured by mathematical algorithms, something that will be eternal. If you own Bitcoin YOU OWN ENERGY FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

NOTE: Many people, without knowing, are using the term “cryptos” when refer to Bitcoin. This is an invented term, by MSM in special, to put in the same pot all digital currencies, because sounds “cool” to say “cryptos”. Even that Bitcoin, yes, it is a cryptocurrency, because behind the code there’s cryptography, that doesn’t mean it should be put together with all the rest of SHITCOINS, those have nothing to do with cryptography and Bitcoin. This is a tactic of the establishment and banksters to create more confusion into new users. Please watch this amazing short documentary – Cypherpunks, where it explains from where cryptography comes from and how end up in the creation of Bitcoin (not the shitcoins). So when you want to refer to Bitcoin, say simple, Bitcoin. When you want to refer to all those shitcoins, but don’t want to use the word “shit”, say “cryptos”.

1st step: ask yourself this question: why do I want to use / know more about Bitcoin? It is very important, and please save it for later.

2nd step, please read and understand the Bitcoin COMMANDMENTS. It is very important that you understand these aspects. Also read the Cypherpunk Manifesto so you will understand where the idea of ​​Bitcoin came from.

3rd step – Bitcoin as a medium of exchange, here you have explained how it is.

4th step, I recommend you watch this impressive video-speech about “why” Bitcoin and also this short documentary The Hard Money

5th step – consult the Q&A page and also the page that dismantles the myths about Bitcoin.

6th step – consult the guide pages of this website (see above in the menu)

Satoshi took the power to create / control money from the bankers and gave that power to the people.

It is our duty as humans, intelligent beings, to continue with their work and lead humanity towards total freedom!

How to get started?
What is Bitcoin? Why is it unique? How does it work? Why should you care? Configure a wallet.Here you will find the phases of reaching the status of a “bitcoiner”.
Bitcoin Library
There are many videos and documentaries about Bitcoin. And many more resources.
The History of Bitcoin
Bitcoin did not appear out of nowhere, it is the result of decades of work. Many digital currency projects failed before succeeding. Understanding how we got here will help you understand where we are going.
 Satoshi famous words
“I don’t have time to convince you” (HFSP)
To the Moon – Bitcoin History. A series by Max Keizer The Untold Story of Bitcoin: The Cypherpunks

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