21 Reasons Why Bitcoin Will Save The World

This article is also available in Deutsche here. Thanks to my friend Bernhard.

  1. Bitcoin is unconfiscatable, permissionless, open source code, borderless, limited supply.
  2. Bitcoin offer decentralized control over the money supply and usage by each of its user.
  3. Bitcoin is a new form of natural selection and radical sovereignty. Is financial sovereignty.
  4. Bitcoin is self leadership and self responsibility.
  5. Bitcoin can limit corruption to meaningless levels.
  6. Bitcoin is P2P money (person to person) and banks are not trusted. Bitcoin enable doing business in private without interference of suppressive governments.
  7. Bitcoin is truth on a time chain. The Bitcoin Blockchain is actually a time-chain that stores transactions data forever, a ledger that is almost impossible to change.
  8. Bitcoin is a real protection of your wealth and store your future needed energy.
  9. Bitcoin enables business in areas of the world with little to no existing financial infrastructure.
  10. Bitcoin is hard money (purchasing power over time, NgU technology) and deprives central banks of the ability to control and devalue it for  their benefit. The Bitcoin Standard.
  11. Bitcoin is hope for a change; Bitcoin will be the turning point of a sick society.
  12. Bitcoin strip governments and the military complex of direct funding for their trade wars around the world, you can’t fund wars with Bitcoin.
  13. Bitcoin is an instrument that helps people to get out of the system, to escape from the Banksters Cartel.
  14. Bitcoin is giving to the people the value of their work, separating state and money; and thus stop paying the inflation.
  15. Bitcoin is endless innovation, for more solutions are developed, the more new ideas emerge. Is like a living organism, like a mycelium fungi.
  16. Bitcoin is the escape from debt slavery. Bitcoin is savings technology, is totally reverse to actual consumerism mentality that is pushing to endless waste of resources.
  17. Bitcoin is green. Mining (creating) new bitcoins uses that type of energy that normally is wasted (see shell gases converted into energy for mining BTC, volcanoes geothermal energy, hydro-energy surplus). Mining BTC does not polute the planet like mining gold  or USD (aka wars).
  18. Empowerment of the self, uncensorable flow of energy, promotion of equality, no one left behind, lower barrier to access.
  19. Bitcoin rewards positive actions and punishes negative actions.
  20. Bitcoin brings like-minded people together, generating a better future for mankind.
  21. Bitcoin, because FUCK the banks!

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